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Seeing through Beginning Eyes

Recently, my husband mentioned the importance of seeing things through beginning eyes. I’d never heard this term. It is present in many mindfulness teachings. It takes the idea from the first time you see or become aware of something. It is akin to the joy a child shows when they see a rainbow, an arnica flower, or a puppy. It is recognizing that joy and discovering how to find it again within ourselves.

For me this reminder came when I went to work on a brand-new mama & her baby. My heart was filled beyond measure to see and feel the new love that swelled within this mama’s being. The mama was awe-struck with this new perfect little human. The magnitude of her adoration held me spellbound. It was the epitome of seeing through beginning eyes.

I’d forgotten what it felt like to hold a new child in my arms and be entirely enthralled. I’d forgotten how it was possible to be lost in awe of a little being that my body magically created.

I lost the magic somewhere along the way in the busy day to day. And yet, seeing this new mama in all of her glory –the worry to be perfect, the mesmerizing magic holding her eyes on the flawless face, fingers, and toes, the fierce love so new and fresh –it brought it all back to me. Seeing this mama’s love helped to rekindle my own fascination with forgotten magic.

It reminded me to pause. To feel that fierce love. And to think about all that has been, the births, the strength, the stories and the magic that has led me to this moment.

I can’t promise to remember to see each moment with beginning eyes but I can try to practice it. I can incorporate the joy into my life. There are gifts from the world each day we just need to switch our perspective to uncover them.

Beginning eyes brings the power of awe back into your life. It lets you discover the magic present each day that makes your soul shout with glee.


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