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The Magic We Miss

Updated: May 6, 2020

For years I've walked by these bushes never truly looking at them. Recently, I stood for the first time right next to one. I was amazed even before it flowered, the branches, completely unique in their structure were delicate, yet strong and nimble, able to withstand gale force winds. A few days ago, the Forsythia bloomed. The spectacular beauty made me pause, breath in, and delight in the magic of these yellow flowers.

I asked myself, "how have I never noticed this gift


This pause, this magic, it made me recognize how often in our lives we rush. How often we miss what majesty is right in front of us.

Magic, beauty, and flexibility are inside of us and around us everyday. Just as we forget to look at our surroundings, we forget to look inside ourselves and see our true potential. Inside, we are all more capable and beautiful than we perceive.

Next time, you take a walk, find something you haven't noticed. What makes it beautiful to you? What magic gift does it bestow?

Pause and connect it to a strength living inside of you.

You are remarkable.



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