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Craniosacral Therapy is a light touch form of body work that helps to reduce blockages in the central nervous system.  CST works with the body to help manifest healing. It can help with sleep, muscle aches, anxiety, constipation, and slew of other ailments. Sometimes deep tissue massage can cause push back making it difficult for a body to relax, Cranio is gentle, slow, and can induce relaxation.  Sometimes, it can even lead to an altered state.  Clothes are left on and the client typically lays face up on the massage table. It is an opportunity to get cozy under blankets and let you mind drift while your body melts.



Usui Reiki is a gentle and effective technique that can help people to de-stress, rebalance, and improve physical and mental health. Hands are laid gently over the chakra areas (eyes, throat, shoulders, chest, solar plexus, lower abdomen, and hips) of the body to help the body manifest it’s own healing.  I typically use Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy together to encourage a deeper somatic healing. 


Women's Holistic Wellness

Women's Holistic Wellness is a form of  health coaching designed to help you discovering your own capabilities.

Just as each person is struggling to overcome awkwardness and discomfort with change, it takes the ability to recognize that change comes with mistakes. That learning is a process. True sustainable change takes time and nurturing.  You have to peel the layers to the onion to find the center. This might create tears and yet, it can create movement.  At the center, you will discover, what motivates you, what challenges you, your deepest values, and all the remarkable potential that has been hiding dormant inside of you, waiting to be discovered. 


I cannot tell you the answers but I can help you illuminate the strengths already residing inside of you.


Cosmetic Cupping 

This treatment helps renew vigor to the face by bringing oxygen rich blood, circulating lymph, and breaking up stagnation. Facial Cupping also stimulates elastin and collagen to firm the texture of the face, and reducing lines. A course of treatments is ten with results seen around the sixth. 


Gua Sha Stone Facials 

Gua Sha Stone Facials act similarly to the facial cupping but have a smoother different feel during the sessions. The session starts with acupressure points being applied and then work with two gua sha stones in tandem to gently move and revitalize the skin of the face, neck, and upper chest.


Qi Gong

The Qigong I teach is Shi ba shi. The exercise is comprised of 18 energy-enhancing movements. The movements combine breathing, flowing movements, and concentration. It is originates from the flowing Tai Chi Qigong.  Shibashi was developed by Professor Lin Hou Sheng in 1979. 


Practicing Qigong can help reduce stress, revitalize the practitioner, and help release muscular tension. The best part is you don't have to do it perfectly to enjoy the benefits. Breath and concentration are key roles and feeling yourself move, even if movement is difficult (if you can imagine it) produces positive benefits.


Sister Circles

Sister Circles will be held once a month. Circles of gathering women are held to honor the being that we are. It is place where women can go to feel heard, held, honored, loved. It is a place to go to find a community, to tap into your creative reservoir, to engage in discussions without judgement or the hindrance of unwanted advice. Sister Circles are a place to find yourself, while connecting deeply with the amazing women surrounding you. 

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