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Kaitlin Droughton


My journey into healing started after years of suffering from migraines. I was offered many drugs and had a strong realization that to avoid becoming an addict I needed an alternative method of healing.  


I went on to explore the realm of Alternative Medicine, through Acupuncture, Reiki, Herbal Remedies, and Chiropractic. I stumbled upon Craniosacral Therapy work and it began to change me. My migraines didn't go away 100% but they changed and I changed with them.

I changed how I ate. I changed how I dressed. I changed my perceptions. I changed who I was because I began to see who I wanted to be.


Wishing to help others and spread the beauty of touch I trained with Upledger to become a Craniosacral Therapist. I trained with a humble and spectacular teacher at Inner Peace Reiki to learn the art of energetic healing to become a Reiki Master.  


From my Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology I explored how our cultures can shape, impact, and change how we feel, respond, & react to situations. I discovered that there is no "right way" to do things. 


 Along with my education I became certified through DONA in birth doula work and truly experienced the majesty of the human body watching women become mothers.

Recently, I earned my certificate from the Mayo Clinic and became a Mayo Clinic Trained Wellness Coach. I am now a NBH-HWC coach! I discovered how easy it is to not hear our true passions or unique skills. I learned how simple it is to fail to see where we are strong. I became aware of the ease with which we are our own worst critics. Sometimes it takes a a little help and guidance, allowing us to give ourselves the grace we need to fully experience our full remarkable capabilities. Humans are incredible and it has been on this journey that I recognized the beauty of each individual's designer needs. It is the place where I begin to recognize that we may search across the world for help from professionals while failing to see that we alone are the experts on ourselves, on our needs, desires, and our potential. 


With this breadth of knowledge along with extensive study, research, and personal living choices I have gained an understanding of the human body and hope to share how it is possible to live an empowered, wholesome lifestyle where you reach your body's fullest wellbeing, because you are the expert. 

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