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WELLness Coaching

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."
-John Wooden

 I am a Mayo Clinic trained Wellness Coach.

I offer services to individuals and companies alike.


But what is it? 


As you are in a time of creating new normals, navigating extra stress, and creating the future, you have the ability to adopt new habits and to construct the you to your fullest potential. Chaos can be a phenomenal time to construct habits in a new, more nourishing way.

The version of wellness coaching that I offer is a partnership between myself & the client. In this collaboration the client is the expert. Through self-discovery the client can construct a new way to find wellness in the body, mind and spirit.  


Wellness isn't just physical health but encompasses emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I am not a therapist but can work in tandem with one. I help people move forward, find motivation, recognize support, and discover, what might be creating hesitancy. 



What can wellness coaching help with:


~It can be a desire to change and understand your perceptions

~Learn how to turn reactions into responses

~The desire to become a mindful mother, father, or caregiver

~Learning how to be a person who truly listens 

~Discover what motivates you to walk three times a week

~ What is holding you back from a habit of eating healthy?

~ What would it take for you to practice mindfulness? 

~What steps might you take to sleep deeper?

~What do you need to see joy in your life?


The list is endless.

Wellness coaching is not someone telling you what to do but you discovering your own capabilities.

Just as each person is struggling to overcome awkwardness and discomfort with change, it takes the ability to recognize that change comes with mistakes. That learning is a process. True sustainable change takes time and nurturing.  You have to peel the layers to the onion to find the center. This might create tears and yet, it can create movement.  At the center, you will discover, what motivates you, what challenges you, why you want to create change, what changes you want to create, and all the remarkable potential that has been hiding dormant inside of you, waiting to be discovered. 


I cannot tell you the answers but I can help you illuminate what strengths are already residing inside of you.


Take the step to overcome ambivalence and create the you, you've only dreamed about.

Take the step to create, construct, and imagine the you, you can be. 




If this is something you or clients would be interested in, please do not hesitate to call or email.  If you have been searching for a way to add positive benefits to your employees overall wellness this may be what your company is looking for. It has been shown that when people are happy their productivity significantly increases.  


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