Wellness is within you.

"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do."

-John Wooden


The Fine Fettle MT

The Fine Fettle MT enables people to find their own unique wellness.  

Wellness is distinctive and particular. It is all encompassing.  It shapes not just the physical body but the mental, emotional, and spiritual beings that we are. 

The Fine Fettle MT offers unique services to each individual allowing them to construct a wellness plan that fits them perfectly.  Discover what services will enable you to live your best life:

  • Verbal wellness coaching in which the client is the expert on their unique path 

  • Energy healing in the form of Reiki,

  • Or pure relaxation through light touch Craniosacral Therapy. 


Wellness is within you, sometimes it just takes a little guidance along the way. 

Montana & Worldwide 


Discover deep relaxation of your body as muscles, and tension melt into buttery softness. 

Kaitlin Droughton