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Covid-19 Protocols 

The health and safety of my clients and my family is my highest priority, with this in mind here are the protocols in place during Covid-19.

  • My hands will be washed all the way to the elbows for a minimum of 30 seconds prior to and following each client.

  • Before and after each session all touched surfaces will be disinfected with a quality cleaner.

  • All linens including the blankets, sheets, pillow cases, etc.. will be changed between each client and washed with hot water and bleach.

  • I am allowing plenty of time in between clients to sanitize, clean, and prepare for the next client to welcome them into a safe and peaceful and environment. 

For safety:

  • Both client and practitioner are required to wear a mask for the entirety of each session.

  • Clients must wash hands before entering.

  • Temperatures will be taken for both practitioner and client at the start of the session.

  • A list of questions will be asked or emailed to you prior to the appointment.

Please recognize that if you have been in close proximity to an individual you may not have symptoms or test positive for up to 13 days.  Please keep this in mind when scheduling your appointments and be honest about any people you know with cold or flu like symptoms .

Washing Hands
Temperature Check
Mask Display
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